Product Development Sprints

Technology is rapidly evolving; New Lab product development sprints let businesses evolve with it. The sprints use a streamlined process to realize a minimum viable product (MVP) specific to an organization’s needs.

After initial workshopping to define product needs New Lab’s team of researchers, project and product managers and technology experts deliver a production-ready MVP that answers those needs.

Product areas

Industrial IoT

Work alongside entrepreneurs to prototype IoT devices and gain hands-on understanding of what will be a $267B market by 2020, exceeding 200 billion objects—that’s 26 smart objects for every human being on earth.

Artificial Intelligence

Discover how A.I. and machine learning are revolutionizing all facets of global business—from manufacturing and marketing to healthcare and scientific research.

Robotics and Automation

Understand how robotic solutions are rapidly changing the manufacturing and inventory management landscapes - from collaborative factories where workers and robots work side by side to autonomous vehicles for product delivery.


Learn how blockchain is fundamentally disrupting supply chain management, global logistics and shipping, retail, banking, and automotive industries on a global scale.

Sprint Process

Brief: 1 Day

Product development sprints begin with a day-long experience designed to provide executives and senior leaders with opportunities to learn about emerging technologies in a rapid bootcamp-style education session.

Workshop: 3 Days

The brief is followed by deep-dive research by the New Lab team on industry standards and business practices and close consultation with technology experts. This phase culminates in a 3-day workshop designed to identify specific processes within your business that are ripe for innovation by leveraging emerging technologies. Executives and senior leaders have the opportunity to get real, hands-on experience of engaging in a scoping and prototyping session with specialists. Together participants design an MVP and a plan for rapid product development.

Sprint: 3 – 6 Months

A 3-month sprint brings to life the MVP plan that was collectively identified during the product workshop. The sprint is broken into three one-month phases: (1) Tech Build, (2) User Experience and (3) Test and Refine. The final product is demonstrated live to stakeholders and consists of a working prototype alongside a plan to implement through beta testing. Sprints can be combined for development of the most complex products.

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