New Lab | Antler: Startup Generator Program

New Lab has partnered with global startup generator Antler to provide an unparalleled support ecosystem for entrepreneurs to launch new ventures.

The New Lab | Antler partnership provides individuals with an exceptional ecosystem of founders, advisors, investors and technology to help them find a co-founder, validate business models, and raise capital. 

What is the generator program?

We select people with inner drive, grit and what we call a “spike”–something one is exceptionally good at.

Participants apply without having a company and, if selected, have an opportunity to find their co-founder and start building from scratch with support from our network.

Those accepted receive an individual grant from day one, and select teams receive investment to kick-start their companies.

Why New Lab?

In addition to helping our early-stage member companies scale their businesses, New Lab has partnered with Antler to provide individuals a way to launch new ventures.

Serving as an inspiring New York base for the program, our vibrant startup ecosystem, full suite of onsite prototyping equipment, and deep network of advisors, mentors, and corporate and city partners make New Lab the perfect complement to Antler’s established global startup generator.

How does it work?

Applications open now!
Program Start Date: Spring 2020

The future rests in the hands of entrepreneurs. Antler and New Lab join forces to provide the perfect ecosystem for launching world-changing ventures. The first cohort of the New Lab | Antler generator program embarked on their entrepreneurial journey on September 23, 2019.

Those interested in joining the second cohort may apply via the link below.

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