Xin Liu

Everything beautiful is far away

In 1990, from 6 million kilometers away, Voyager 1 took a snapshot of our existence in the universe: a pale blue dot. In it, we saw the loneliness and impermanence of our species, a realization that continues to sustain a thriving, resonating call for the future. This sense of profound isolation has always shaped our perception of our planetary condition and our understanding of ourselves. Generations of observers have seen their futures in the stars.

Everything Beautiful Is Far Away is about the journey of a wisdom teeth being sent to space and becoming a star at the end of its life. The story features a small-scale crystalline sculpture with robotic mechanism inside and carrying the wisdom tooth at its core. The sculpture will perform a choreography in zero gravity. During the 3-min of weightlessness, presences, expansion and dissolution of the sculpture, the performance becomes the points of entry, constituting a personal intervention into how we envision and inhabit the cosmos.

The project investigates human experiences and perceptions of our planetary condition in relation to the vastness. The project argues for the irreplaceability of an immediate, heart-felt presence of being in outer space on the grounds of human experience and connection. The project will unmask and unmake the alienated technological space programs and reimagine visceral, active, empathic and poetic forms of engagement.

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