RPR is an engineering boutique specializing in the innovation and fabrication of kinetic furniture, lighting, and wearables. We redefine traditionally static objects into transformable platforms that respond to real-time needs and enhance individual expression. The pieces in our collection diverge from traditional decor in that functionality and frivolity are largely prescribed by motion or an allusion to it. As designers and engineers we integrate technology and mechanics into reactive objects with novel actuation schemes – from passive (e.g., levitating tables, melting chandeliers, morphologically actuated rings) to robotic (e.g., mechanized, computer-controlled chandelier and storage systems). Our responsive products increase the versatility of these spaces and have the ability to adapt to (and eventually learn from) our natural preferences and patterns. We aim to provoke visceral reactions and create opportunities for “eureka experiences” through our work. We want to keep people aware, awake, awed.

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