FutureAir is building a new generation of design-forward connected indoor air products.

90% of our time is spent indoors and studies show that indoor air is often more polluted than the air outside, affecting our health and productivity. FutureAir is solving this problem.

SAM™ is FutureAir’s first product – a Smart Air Manager that measures, manages and improves the air we breathe indoors.

Designed by world-renowned industrial designer and co-founder, Ross Lovegrove, SAM™ is sophisticated, smart technology in a museum-quality enclosure. Mounted to a wall or placed on a surface, SAM™ is a beacon of healthy air in any room, for all buildings types.

Embedded with FutureAir’s proprietary sensing platform, SAM™ monitors for pollutants, collecting air quality data 24/7 and with open
API’s can initiate action to improve indoor air quality, thermal comfort and energy efficiency.

SAM™ is designed to communicate through an intuitive backlit color system that indicates changes in a room’s air quality. A live dashboard and an accompanying mobile app provide robust data down to the minute-level, with views for each of the pollutants SAM™ measures.

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