Eric Forman Studio

Eric Forman is a Brooklyn-based artist and designer working with interactive installations and responsive sculpture. His work is open-ended and exploratory, crossing boundaries between fine art, design, performance, architecture, and science. Eric’s creations employ modalities of interactivity not often found in dominant forms of new media: possessing the magical qualities of the new, yet also thoughtful, slow, and subtle.

Eric was an early member of the groundbreaking Pseudo Programs in the mid 1990s, started the creative technology collective Klank Studios in 2006, and in 2012 became a founding tenant of New Lab, a new innovation space in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Eric is also the co-founder of BioArt New York, a collective pairing artists and biologists for unusual collaborations. His studio’s design practice specializes in the latest interactive experiences and fabrication techniques for diverse clients.

Eric received his Masters in 2002 from ITP/NYU, and his B.A. from Vassar College in 1995 where his thesis work was a pioneering investigation of virtual reality. Eric is now faculty and Head of Innovation at the Interaction Design MFA program at SVA (School of Visual Arts). He also likes to ride a bike.

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