CLIP is an Urban Mobility company focused on empowering urban commuters with the ability and choice to switch to bikes for their daily commute. Our networked product is a camera-enabled, e-motor device, designed to enable Urban Commuters to feel safe to ride effortlessly over longer commutes and difficult gradient by attaching CLIP to their shared or personal bikes.

CLIP was founded by Somnath Ray and Clement de Alcala (based in San Francisco) in early 2018. Previously, Som was part of the Smart Cities group at the MIT Media Lab “City Car” project under the mentorship of the late William Mitchell. Som holds a Masters degree in Design Computation from MIT and another Masters in Architectural Design from Columbia University. Clement is a skilled business development professional with experience in social business consulting. Having spent the past decade enabling growth opportunities in the technology sector, with a focus on sustainability. Clement holds an MBA from the Montpellier Business School. Clemont can be reached at [email protected]

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