Immersive Workshops

Immersive Workshops are outcome oriented and focus on addressing a company’s critical questions about emerging technologies and their impact on the enterprise.

Each facilitated workshop is designed for key leadership teams to learn about frontier technologies, envision their business potential, ideate specific, actionable problems, and prioritize for immediate, meaningful results. The workshops take companies through a series of sessions to explore the art of the possible, generate ideas, and prioritize actions to take forward.


Focus Areas

Supply chain operations

Supply chains are rapidly being disrupted due to developments in technology ranging from IoT to AI to Blockchain. Automated decision making, decentralized databases and cutting-edge tracking technology are just a few of the impactful changes in supply chain management. New Lab's supply chain operations program helps you understand these technologies and ideate specific solutions that can help your organization get ahead of the curve and harness the power of this disruption.

Agile strategic development

Agile development has become a goal of organizations of all sizes — and with good reason. It allows for real-time response to shifts in technology, enables process and product innovation, and facilitates efficient distribution of resources. New Lab agile strategic development workshops ensure that agile methodology is able to permeate all levels of an organization, and give executives the tools they need to implement agile strategy throughout a business.

Manufacturing automation

Automated manufacturing has taken over in a range of industries including automotive and large-scale assembly. But the future of these solutions is flexible across product ranges, collaborative, and designed to accomplish much more finessed tasks. New Lab's manufacturing automation workshops find opportunities for automation development that fit with an organization's overall priorities while bringing in a range of experts who are familiar with successful implementation and actively developing the next generation of automation technologies.

Leadership development

In an increasingly agile world where businesses depend heavily upon employees with technical experience, executive teams need a strong sense of empathy for the challenges faced by engineering, design and technical research teams. These hands on workshops actively engage executives with the process of ideation, prototyping and product testing, creating better leaders for a more innovative world.

Product development and innovation

These workshops combine design thinking facilitation and expert input to ideate specific products in frontier technologies that align with a business' overall development goals. Through targeted problem definition and immediate feedback from entrepreneurs at the cutting edge of development in relevant verticals, teams leave the workshop with products which are feasible, impactful, and ready for development in a three to six month sprint.

Process innovation

Technology disruption doesn't only impact product development, it impacts process development. Frontier applications of AI and blockchain allow for automation of administrative and logistical tasks, while outdated processes are no longer aligned with recently implemented technical solutions. Process innovation workshops help businesses to understand how existing processes can be changed to maximize the impact of technical solutions, as well as which technologies can themselves serve as new systems for achieving organization-wide goals.

Workshop Format

Workshops are typically 1-3 day events, with collaboration before and after the workshop to ensure outcomes are clearly defined and met. They use a unique mix of industry insights and expertise, innovation and emerging technology and design thinking facilitation to help companies accomplish their desired outcomes.

A five-step methodology includes pre-workshop goal-setting sessions and research by the New Lab team, sessions designed to help teams learn about and envision the state-of-the-art of the technologies, ideation sessions around specific insights and problem sets where the technology can deliver real impact, prioritization of the most scaleable of these ideas, a post-workshop synthesis which turns innovation priorities into executable action plans.

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