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New Lab is home to a diverse member community of over 150 early-stage startup companies working in advanced technologies. We are accepting member applications.

Disciplines and technologies include:

In addition to helping our early-stage member companies scale their businesses, New Lab also provides an opportunity for individual founders to launch new ventures through our generator program.

Member Highlights

Tara Pham, Co-Founder and CEO

"New Lab's Urban Tech program allowed us to partner with New Lab and Downtown Brooklyn Partnership in a very rare and important opportunity for us all to think more experimentally about our shared spaces. This collaboration is about demonstrating the value of more data-driven, multidisciplinary approaches to managing the public right-of-way — so cities can be more proactive, rather than reactive, about planning toward people-first values."

Matthew Putman, Co-Founder & CEO

"Nanotronics is building the tools today for the factory of tomorrow. New Lab’s founders David and Scott, as investors, have allowed our products to become an integral part of the manufacturing process across industries. As a part of the community they built, we have been able to see first-hand the inventions and vision of the future. That remains just as valuable to us now as we move from start-up to late stage growth company. These collaborations with value-add investors will be crucial to other companies seeking radical scientific and engineering progress."

Birago Jones, Founder & CEO

"New Lab has been essential to our growth as an early stage company. The unique relationships New Lab has with major corporations, and the exclusive access Pienso has to C-Suite executives have allowed us to expedite sales cycles. One of our first significant clients and source of revenue came from a company we met at New Lab. Their advocacy is invaluable."

Sean Petterson, Co-Founder & CEO

"The founders of New Lab have been critical to our growth as a young organization that is changing the pace of employee safety and care at some of the world's largest and oldest companies. Even before they invested in StrongArm Tech, Scott and David leveraged their network to help us forge relationships with corporate clients, investors and manufacturing partners. The assets and benefits of being associated with New Lab, its founders and New Lab Ventures has been a key component to our recent rapid success and growth."

Ro Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO

"At CARMERA, we believe that for autonomy to work, it must work for all people -- and we've set out to map the world to prove it. I can't overstate the impact New Lab's Urban Tech program has had on our work towards this goal. From hosting a deployment around their campus to connecting us with partners in Brooklyn and abroad, New Lab's Urban Tech team remains as critical to us now in Series B as they were in Stealth. We know ours is a big goal. With New Lab on our side, the path around the world feels a little bit shorter."

Matthew Misbin, Co-Founder & Head of Biz Dev

"Despite having participated in other technical field experiments, this was the first time we’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with operators, [military] technologists and consumer technologists in the same room."

Suma Reddy, Co-Founder & COO

"New Lab is such an inspiring, colorful and energetic environment. Our entire team really appreciates being a part of this community - we continuously learn from other builders and makers, get to work in a beautiful space, and benefit greatly from New Lab's fantastic staff, who regularly forge opportunities and partnerships for us."

Stephen Gorevan, Founder

"Honeybee Robotics designs and builds working robots and smart machines for tasks that are dangerous or inaccessible to human beings. New Lab has been an indispensable resource to our company. As we seek to attract the best engineers from around the world, the New Lab facility has become a major draw for why an engineer at Tesla would consider joining our team here in New York. The sheer delight of walking into New Lab each day with the space and promise it holds is a big plus for us."

Berk Birand, Co-Founder & CEO

"New Lab took us in at a very early stage, listened to our story, helped us refine our strategy, introduced us to investors and helped us attract a Fortune 100 CEO to our board of directors. They are one of our favorite investors and partners not because they wrote the largest check (they didn't) but because the founders of New Lab have invested themselves and their network in our success."

Max Haot, Founder & CEO

"I chose New Lab as our home due to their hardware focus, metal shop and incredible work environment. I had pretty low expectations on the other potential benefits you can find at an incubator space but was blown away to have recruited our two first-team members right from the existing community and built a long-term relationship with EOS (The leading manufacturer of metal 3d printers) thanks to meetings and introductions setup by New Lab."

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