Product Realization Specialist

Product Realization Specialist: Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, Science, and Technology Focus


New Lab’s Product Realization and Prototyping department oversees and manages the Prototyping facilities at New Lab, workspaces operating 24/7, which currently include the Wood & Metal Shop, CNC Room, Textile & Electronics Lab, Spray Booth & Casting Room, DigiFab Workshop, and AgTech Lab. These are communal workspaces set up for fast and iterative prototyping in a way to accommodate as many people with diverse backgrounds and levels of experience working simultaneously on very diverse projects and products centered around fields of emerging technologies. The spaces are a central locus within New Lab which help bolster and support all New Lab Members and Companies, as well as uphold and contribute to the community-orientated environment.


This job posting is for the position of Product Realization Specialist, a full-time salaried role, with a focus on the operation and maintenance of the AgTech Lab, a lab space dedicated to agricultural prototyping and other biology and chemistry experiments. The Product Realization Specialist will also contribute within the other workspaces as necessary – either helping Members within the AgTech/Bio field within the other workspaces, or contributing to projects along with other Product Realization staff as necessary.


The ideal candidate will feel comfortable and have a working knowledge of the current and emerging state of agricultural and scientific technology and have experience and an inherent understanding of the dynamics of community spaces, hopefully honed through working within and assisting in the facilitating of such spaces.



  • Development of curricula and the deployment of training to onboard New Lab members and companies to safe and productive use of the space 
  • Acting as a resource for members as they work through projects in all areas from assistance with brainstorming to practical consideration of tool selection and use, and helping to determine the best course of action to meet prototyping and project requirements
  • An inherent knowledge of operation and maintenance of the equipment within the AgTech Lab, including growth chambers, various lab test equipment, and computers and software systems; the ability to learn new pieces of equipment as necessary
  • A progressive outlook to develop and grow the utility and capability of the facility 
  • Continued growth as a professional 
  • Ensuring safe and respectful work practices and policies are followed and adhered to
  • Other responsibilities will include assisting Product Realization staff, and/or advising Members in other facilities as needed 



  • College degree focused on chemistry, biology, soil science, botany, or related fields
  • 3+ years experience working within communal lab spaces, and an inherent understanding of community negotiation and upkeep in communal work environments
  • Ability to communicate complex ideas to professionals of various fields and experience levels
  • Well versed in the operation of various scientific tools and equipment as well as relevant software for data collection and management
  • Organized and safety conscious
  • Experience working with various wood, metal, electronics, textiles, or digital fabrication equipment is a plus
  • Charming personality and great sense of humor



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